Tips for Designing Your Perfect Spa Deck

A spa or hot tub is a great way to use your backyard during the winter months. Once you have the spa itself installed, you must consider what kind of deck you want to build around it. Thinking through the following factors can help the contractor who leads your deck building project create the space that best matches your vision.

Choose Materials

When many homeowners think of the deck by their pool or spa, they automatically assume that non-slip tile or stone is the safest choice. While both of these options are functional and beautiful, they can also be quite expensive. Wooden decks are more economical and can be treated with a slip-resistant stain to provide the same safety measures that you get from more costly materials. Additionally, when built by an experienced deck contractor, wood can be just as lovely.

Protect Privacy

You probably want a little privacy around your backyard spa. There are several ways you can achieve this. Simple fence construction can be added to your deck building project. A privacy screen can block the view from surrounding areas. Certain structures may even provide a bit of shade. Consider using shrubs or other vegetation, such as vines grown on a pergola or trellis, to give you privacy while still maintaining an open, outdoor feel. 

Fit Overall Design

When working with your contractor to design your custom spa deck, keep the surrounding area in mind. You want the addition to match your existing outdoor spaces as well as the exterior of your house. Make sure you have enough room not only for the spa but the deck surrounding it so that your backyard doesn’t feel crowded. A walkway that connects the spa deck to other parts of the yard is also a nice touch.

A contractor who specializes in deck building is an excellent resource for all your questions about the design of your spa deck. He or she can guide you through choosing materials and other options to create the perfect deck for your space.