Increasing Space and Value with Home Additions

Your home may have been perfect for you when you bought it, but homeowners’ needs change over time. If you find yourself needing a little more space in your home, you might want to look into some popular home additions. 

Plan Your Project

The first step to a successful home addition is taking the time to plan your project carefully. Whether you’re planning on adding a bedroom, a den or a bathroom, you should draw up a rough sketch of what you want and have a professional help you bring it to life. If you’re not sure about the specifics, you can always have an architect help.

Talk with a Realtor

One thing a lot of homeowners don’t think about when making changes to their home is how it affects the value. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home in the future, it’s a smart idea to talk to a realtor about how your addition might affect value and how you can maximize the value of your home through additions. There may be a simple change you could make to your addition that completely changes the way it affects the value of your home.

Prepare for Work

Unlike some of the other home projects you may have done, additions are a big undertaking. If you’re planning on adding a room to your home, know that it’s going to take a lot of time, effort and money. There’s a good chance you’ll have to work with the contractor you hire to make modifications to your plans throughout the process, and you may end up spending more than you initially planned.

As much work as home additions are, they’re a great way to add living space to your home and increase its value. If you’re thinking about adding space to your home in the form of a new room, now is the time to start planning.