Smart Options for Your New Kitchen Countertop

A new kitchen remodeling project wouldn’t be complete without a fresh, versatile countertop to add to the mix. Designed to offer plenty of food prep surface area and daily working space while also delivering high style and charm, the kitchen countertop that you choose can really make or break your updated design idea. If you’re interested in the concept of new kitchen countertop options, here are a few smart choices that can optimize the look and functionality of your busy kitchen area for good.

Flashy Quartz

One of the leading contenders in the kitchen countertop popularity contest is quartz. This man-made, stone-like material offers a very glitzy, high-end design look that can truly brighten up your kitchen space with its all-over neutral color tone and an array of colorful flecks that are often inlaid in the resin compound. Moreover, this material is incredibly durable, meaning it’s hard to stain or scratch its surface, which can also guarantee long-lasting usability in your household’s main hub.

Rustic Solid Wood

While quartz offers plenty of glam for a modern, high-tech living space, it would likely not fit into a traditional or vintage country-style home. This is where the concept of a natural solid wood option can fit into your kitchen remodeling plan, as hardwood surfaces provide contemporary, effortless manageability while still bringing a touch of the outdoors into your living area. Woods such as beech and oak can be pre-treated or coated to ensure longevity, without looking overly processed to maintain their rustic appearance.

Reliable Granite 

Stone granite countertops have been all the rage in kitchen renovations for a few decades now and for good reason. They’re dependable, affordable and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which allows for ease of use and the opportunity to add your own personal style to your particular kitchen design.

When you’re preparing your kitchen remodeling design, be sure to include any of these fine countertop options as part of your final plan to form a modern, stylish kitchen space everyone can enjoy.