4 Ideas for Using Your Basement Space

Most homeowners with basements do not have a beautiful space to entertain in. This is changing as more homeowners invest in finishing the space. Maybe your basement already includes basic finishes, but you have yet to decide what to do with it. Use these basement remodeling ideas to narrow your options.

1. Income Property

If your basement has good soundproofing and an independent entrance, consider using it as an income-generating space. You can either rent the home out on a long-term basis to tenants or Airbnb the space as a short-term rental. Check with your HOA, if you have one, and local ordinances to see what’s allowed.

2. Study or Office

The year 2020 saw an unprecedented number of jobs and classes go 100 virtual. From kindergarten to Google, many people are spending an increasing amount of time at home. The basement might offer the perfect opportunity to create a multi-room space for work, classes, a restroom and even a break room.

3. Space Generator

If you belong to a large family, you may have dreamed of having your space to decompress and be alone. Basement remodeling can make this possible. Maybe you want a man cave, woman cave or a couple’s space away from the kids. You might even want to send the kids into the basement to use a designated play area, so you have the rest of the home to yourself.

4. Home Gym

The year 2020 also compelled many people to cancel gym memberships and work out at home. If you still prefer to work out at home and you do not see this changing soon, invest in a home gym. This can generate income too because you can charge the neighbors a fee. Then, provide access via a keypad at specific times to allow social distancing.

Basements are not just cold damp spaces for storing boxes and doing laundry. Basement remodeling can add to the functionality, beauty, value and comfort of your entire property.