How To Design a Truly Cool Game Room

Game room additions are often that dream home improvement project that gets left on the back-burner. Everyone wants to have a space for entertaining friends or spending more time as a family, but few people know how to make it happen. The solution? Get experts involved from the very beginning. Here are a few professional tips for planning and executing an incredible basement remodeling project with a game room.

Start With Your Vision

The first thing to keep in mind is that no two game rooms, family rooms or home theaters are alike. Don’t let family members or magazine articles tell you what you can and can’t do. Do you want your game room to have a masculine feel with 1920s style? Is the room for playing video games on a gigantic screen? There are no right or wrong answers. Your ideal game room depends a lot on your personality.


There are even game rooms for couples who love entertaining friends with an evening of cards, fine wine and tantalizing appetizers. In this type of expanded game room, there’s more than just a poker table or pool table. When you work with basement remodeling professionals, you can install a full bar or a modern kitchen for unforgettable open-concept entertaining.

Be Specific

Put your ideas into concrete elements of furniture. Do you want one or more of the following?

  • Projector TV
  • Pool table
  • Air hockey table
  • Complete home theater
  • Karaoke system
  • Dance floor
  • Pinball machine
  • VR gaming system

Most of the time you can adapt your furniture to the space, but it’s the opposite with a basement remodeling project for a game room. Your room needs to adapt to the type of entertainment options you want. That way you have plenty of room for a pool table or the right room accessories for phenomenal digital gaming with friends.

Experts in remodeling and home design can help you bring your ideas to life. Nothing is too crazy when you’re talking about customized entertainment spaces.