Building An Energy Efficient Home


One of the best ways to save money in the long run and help the environment is to make your home energy efficient. Energy inefficiencies in your home drive up your monthly bills and can use up valuable resources that are becoming increasingly hard to come by. While there are steps that homeowners can take to retrofit their home to make it more energy efficient, it’s crucial that those building new homes understand the importance of home energy efficiency.


One of the benefits of starting from scratch by building a new home is that you can utilize a whole-home approach to improving energy efficiency. Your building envelope can be created from the ground up, and you can implement all of the best techniques right from the get go. When working with a builder like us at Warsaw Home Improvement, who has experience with quality home building is a great way to ensure that your planning is effective and covers all the bases. There are plenty of variables to consider, and working with professionals can keep you on track.


Many people assume that building a new home that is energy efficient would be too expensive. While the initial costs may be slightly higher than traditional home construction costs, the overall savings over time can significantly offset those expenses. In some cases, you may even be able to get special financing to cover the costs of building a home with energy efficient products and practices.


As you plan for your home building project, consider all of the ways that you can incorporate energy efficient building options. You may want to consider advanced house framing in order to reduce lumber waste. Cool roofs may be another good idea, since they can reflect sunlight and keep your home cooler without the need for as much air conditioning power.


No matter what small steps you take towards building an energy efficient home, you can feel good about knowing that you are helping the environment and your pocket book. If you’re interested in learning more about our home building process, give us a call or click here for a quote.